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Karina Puente Installs for #RevolutionaryArt at La Colombe

May 24, 2017

Artwork by: Karina Puente
Title of Artwork: Papel Picado: Oil Spill Consciousness
Location: La Colombe (6th and Market)

Artist Statement:
I choose to raise consciousness about oil spills through the perspective of an underwater protagonist – La Sirena The Mermaid. This is one way to recall the stories of oil spill tragedies we remember and continue to face today. About 530,000 gallons of oil have spilled from the Belle Fourche Pipeline in western North Dakota this year. Over 142,000 gallons of crude oil covered the coastline of my California hometown beach in 2015. By personifying the wild life affected by the spills – my work aims to inspire a culture shift where we examine solutions collectively.

My name is Karina Puente and I create art that is rooted in the traditional Mexican folk art called Papel Picado (cut paper). Cutting into, out of, and through material is my way of writing, of transforming heritage and story into a sensory, symbolic, and consciousness-raising experience. My large scale and durable Papel Picado artwork is a tool to uplift the stories of marginalized communities and to shine light on obstacles affecting our environment. My great, great grandmother was a seamstress by trade and toggled the Mexican and Texas border for work. Working from home, heart, and by hand is my way of honoring her legacy while deepening connection to my culture and activism.

Work by Karina Puente is available for purchase here. You may also reach out to Karina if you’re interested in purchasing any of these three pieces, or if you’re interested in commissioning your own Papel Picado artwork, by contacting the artist here. Support local artists, y’all!

Revolutionary: A Pop-Up Street Art Exhibition is a six-week exhibit of 13 contemporary Philly-based artists installed at 13 locations across Philadelphia’s Historic District. Exploring the spirit of revolution, the artists chosen for #RevolutionaryArt are looking at the world around us with a critical eye and creating works of art that challenge the political and social status quo. Commissioned by Visit Philly and curated by’s Conrad Benner, more on the exhibition – including a map of all the installations – can be found here!

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