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Philly Street Artist Ephemeroh Honors Philly’s Leading Street Art Exploring Pup Charlie F. Dog

June 14, 2017

If you’ve yet to follow Charlie F. Dog on Instagram, you’re missing out. Or, perhaps you’re not because (hopefully) you’re following me. Nevertheless, I’ll never (I hope?) be a dog, so just follow us both.

To pay homage to Philly’s (I’m assuming) only and thus premier street art exploring dog, Philly street artist Ephemeroh has created this life-like tribute. Adorable! (Yes, I’m jealous – where’s my wheatpaste tribute, Mr. Ephemeroh?! Just kidding, except not really, except maybe.)

Ephemeroh’s wheatpaste homage to Charlie F. Dog can currently be found on Front street between Jefferson and Master streets in Fishtown/Kensington. (And yes, I’m still SUPER uncomfortable typing those two street names next to each other.)

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