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Inspiring Words, Sticker Series by Bruno Guerreiro

July 6, 2017

LOVING these! A new sticker series by Philly-based artist and illustrator Bruno Guerreiro is spreading inspiring words around Philly.

While Bruno has been drawling portraits of people next to inspiring quotes they have given for some time, as you can see on his Instagram (he’s even created one of me), his new sticker series is an extension of that. “I suppose I wanted to bring these images into the physical world, so more people could connect with these quotes, and hopefully inspire, and make people think.” Bruno wrote to me in an email.

When I asked him if there was any thread connecting the people he portrays, if they were all artists for instance, Bruno responded: “Some of the people I have drawn I have had connections through their written work, art, music, etc. They aren’t all necessarily artists, depending on how some people may define art. Mostly it’s people I’m inspired by, whose words connect with me.”

Hope to continue finding more of these around Philly this summer – thanks for the inspiration, Bruno!

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