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August 4, 2017

So excited to announce this, y’all!

Over the next several months, I will be partnering with the Philadelphia Museum of Art to document and explore their Philadelphia Assembled exhibition, a project that joins art and civic engagement.

Philadelphia Assembled explores Philly’s changing landscape and tells a story of radical community building and active resistance. Challenging, inspiring, and as expansive as the city, Philadelphia Assembled asks: how can we collectively shape our futures?

The photos in this post are from a Philadelphia Assembled procession from May in North Philadelphia’s Tioga neighborhood that was led by community members advocating for the permanent lighting of the community’s many, currently unlit train underpasses. It is one of dozens of projects created with hundreds of collaborators from across the city.

I am partnering with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Philadelphia Assembled to bring key moments of this timely and complex project to social media. And it all starts in about a week with a preview of the project’s Movement back to the Museum.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see everything and learn much, much more!

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