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Philly’s Streets Are Slowly Filling Up with Protest Street Signs

September 22, 2017

All around Philly, protest signs in the form of street signs have begun popping up. I saw the first one in person (photographed above) on North Broad street last week, then another posted by a friend on Instagram located in Fishtown. Each had the hashtag #ActivismAtWork on it.

The sign I saw read, ‘Hurry: Our Rights Are at Risk.’ After checking the hashtag on Instagram, I saw other signs posted which read, ‘Build Bridges, Not Walls,’ ‘Do Not Give Up,’ and ‘Resist.’

Searching the hashtag on Google, I found that the signs were all available for purchase on the Philadelphia-based clothing company Feminist Apparel‘s website. So, I reached out to Feminist Apparel’s Executive Director, Alan Martofel, to learn more. His response follows:

“The campaign is still very much in its infancy. We’ve created a series of #ActivismAtWork street signs for folks to put up around their communities. The idea behind the campaign and offering the street signs is in line with our ongoing mission of sparking dialogue surrounding intersectional feminist issues. We enjoy using street signs as a medium (a well we’re going back to after the successful campaign we did a few years ago with Pussy Division on the ‘No Catcalling Anytime’ street signs) because of the fact that they represent a form of communication typically handed down to us by our legislative bodies with the intent of guiding our actions for the sake of our protection and safety. That being said, we think that with the current state of governance in our country, there are a few sentiments that are as crucial for our safety that we need to be just as explicitly reminded of now, such as ‘Build Bridges, Not Walls,’ ‘RESIST,’ and ‘Hurry, Our Rights Are At Risk.’ You should start seeing more of these street signs pop up in the coming weeks, and hopefully beyond just Philadelphia.”

So whether you can/want to purchase your own #ActivismAtWork street signs, or just enjoy them as others install them around Philly (and beyond,) I definitely count myself as a fan of this project, and I’m excited to see where it goes!

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