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Modern Trail Tour: Exploring Philly in 10 Stops

October 10, 2017


Y’all, as I announced last week, I’m so excited to be partnering with Timberland to highlight their green cities initiative, which will see Timberland matching the retail floor space of their stores in five different cities over five years with the creation or restoration of an equivalent amount of green space. They started this last year working with community members to transform a park in New York City’s South Bronx. This year, they’re in Philly working with the soon-to-be-open Rail Park on a similar restoration effort.

To celebrate this partnership, today I’ve created a Modern Trail Tour that explores a few of my favorite things to do and see in Philly on a walk from what will be the Rail Park to Timberland’s Rittenhouse Square store!

Stop 1: The Rail Park
The Rail Park, which will have an entrance at 13th and Noble street, is slated to open in just a few months. The park will transform a section of abandoned elevated rail that I and many others have explored countless times in Philly into a dynamic and fully accessible new green space for all Philadelphians to enjoy! Can hardly wait to see this space open.

Stop 2: Cafe Lift
Cafe Lift, on 13th street between Noble and Hamilton streets, is easily one of my favorite brunch spots in the city! Perfect for some coffee and eggs before a day of exploration.

Stop 3: Isaac Tin Wei Lin’s Mural
Isaac Tin Wei Lin’s mural at Juniper and Race streets at the edge of Chinatown is just a stunning half-block piece from the Philly-based artist. And, it’s not a bad selfie mural, if you’re looking for a new profile picture.

(Photo by Steve Weinik)

Stop 4: Tania Bruguera’s ‘Monument to New Immigrants’
Tania Bruguera’s Monument to New Immigrants is a meditation on the history and present-day significance of immigration in Philadelphia and beyond, located on North Broad and Cherry streets. It’s a temporary installation apart of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s 2017 Monument Lab exhibition, and it’ll be up until November 19th.  

Stop 5: Capogiro Gelato
Capogiro Gelato on 13th and Sansom streets is not only where I worked for four years (in fact I was working there when I started this blog,) it also happens to be the #1 ice cream spot in the entire world according to National GeographicIf you’ve never had a cup of their classic Fior Di Latte with Cioccolato Scuro, you have not lived!

Stop 6: James Daniel Burns’ Gayborhood Mural
Philly’s gayborhood is full of brilliant murals, and I totally recommend spending a few minutes explore the murals on the building above 13th street between Chestnut and Locust streets. And I have to say that James Daniel Burns’ mural at 13th and Chancellor streets is maybe my favorite, it’s a can’t miss!

(Photo courtesy of Honeygrow)

Stop 7: Honeygrow
Ok, I’m hungry, you hungry? In Rittenhouse there’s no better lunch spot in my opinion than Honeygrow at 16th and Sansom streets. And yes, that’s my name on the wall because that’s my photo used as wallpaper that leads into the kitchen!

Stop 8: Rittenhouse Square Park
We’ve been walking for a minute, so perhaps it’s time to grab our Honeygrow to-go and take a quick break to enjoy Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square Park at 18th and Walnut streets, which even Wikipedia proclaims is, “One of the finest urban public spaces in the United States.” But if you live in Philly, you knew that.

Stop 9: The Timberland Store
Have y’all checked out the Timberland store on Walnut street between 17th and 18th streets? If you haven’t yet, you’ve got to go this fall. While Timberland is (obviously) famous for their boots, I am obsessed with these shoes. And this backpack. And this jacket! Just saying, the holidays are coming, y’all ;p

Stop 10: Good Dog Bar
Good Dog Bar, located on 15th street between Walnut and Locust streets, is the quintessential Rittenhouse Square area bar. Grab a beer (or two!) and a burger (or veggie burger, like me) and toast to a celebration of Philly!

And speaking of celebrating, join Timberland and I for a drink on Friday, October 13th! I’ll be volunteering with Timberland all day that day, working with the Rail Park folk on some clean up efforts. Then we’re all headed to Roy Pitz Barrel House from 4-7 pm for a little after party! You’re invited to join, it’s open to the public (admission is $15 and 100% of ticket sales goes to benefit the Rail Park; get your tickets here)… Hope to see you then!

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