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Joe Boruchow Offers New Downloadable Anti-Trumpism Print to Hang in Your Window

November 20, 2017

Joe Boruchow wheatpasted a new print this weekend at 9th and Spring Garden streets, and he’s now offering a downloadable version of it for you to hang in your window!

Titled Shorn Flag, the piece depicts the flag of the United States being cut apart with the help of people wearing tee shirts that spell out “Trump.”

Curious to know more about what inspired the new work, I texted Joe. His response was as follows:

“I intended to make a poster for my front window to rile my Trump supporting neighbors. It started out as only text reading, ‘True patriots reject Trumpism.’ As I worked on it, this image emerged… It’s a response to how Trump prefers jingoistic pageantry to true patriotism and how his supporters enable the desecration of our country.”

Joe is offering the downloadable version of this print for free here!

Also this weekend, Joe installed a series of wheatpastes at 448 North 10th street created with students of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Art Education program, which you can see below…

See more work from Joe Boruchow around Philly here!

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