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Philly Brunch Spot Hangs Banner Encouraging You to Unfollow Trump

December 4, 2017

A new installation by a pair of Philly street artists outside a popular Philly brunch spot encourages everyone to unfollow President Trump. The banner is a collaboration by YOMI and DENIED, and it’s been installed with permission outside Bella Vista’s Morning Glory Diner at 10th and Fitzwater streets.

In matching Instagram posts announcing the installation last week, the artists wrote:

“In already divided nation, the class resentments, racism and xenophobia that became flash points during the 2016 election have hardened even further, not healed. The decimation that Trump has managed to inflict on this country in just 11 months will carry on far beyond his time in office. Can we wake up from the darkness? Can we see further and imagine what the next 3 years or…7 will hold?”

“This message is not only for hardcore Trump supporters, but for those who are still ‘undecided’ willing to give this man and his administration a chance. It’s time, (after 11 months of misconduct that has become so routine that is hardly noteworthy) to recognize the very fact that the direction America is heading is Far From Great. Enough Distraction – it’s time to act.”

See pervious work from YOMI around Philly here, and from DENIED here!

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