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Brilliant New Mural by Calo in Feltonville

January 12, 2018

(Photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale)

Absolutely in LOVE with Carlos Lopez Rosa (aka Calo)‘s new mural on the Feltonville Recreation Center at Wyoming avenue and Ella street!

Titled Blossoming Diversity, the mural was painted in November with Mural Arts Philadelphia. And in talking about his new mural, Calo wrote the following on his website:

“Flora, in her natural environment, blooms gracefully and peacefully, but when moved to a different one, needs more energy and effort to flourish. She may not bloom as many times, but does so with pride and honor.”

Blossoming Diversity represents this diverse neighborhood, where unique life stories can come together to create positive change. Like flowers from different environments around the world, we can all bloom together as a community, and in doing so create stronger roots for future.” 

See pervious work by Calo around Philly here and here!

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