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Awesome New Mural by Scott Albrecht in South Philly

January 31, 2018

(Photos by Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale)

If you haven’t noticed by now, Awesome Dudes Printing at 6th and Reed streets in South Philadelphia is one of the growing Philly businesses (like Honeygrow’s Headquarters and Elixr) that have a rotating mural game going on, and seriously y’all it’s always so damn good.

This month Awesome Dudes unveiled a new, temporary mural, titled The Currency of Time, by Brooklyn-based artist, Scott Albrecht!

Scott talks about his work on his website: “The work I create is inspired by the day-to-day that happens around me – from the undeniably larger events, down to the smaller ones that we regularly interact with but almost always ignore. I draw inspiration from these moments, and use my work as a way to highlight these experiences and through the process, reflect on what they have to offer. Because of this, I often see my process and final works as though I’m creating reminders or artifacts for myself of these ideas and situations, and have come to use this perspective as a guide in my work — to create something worth being reminded of.”

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