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Humpty Trumpty Had A Great Fall

March 6, 2018

Found this wheatpaste (artist unknown) on 40th street at Chestnut street in West Philly last night. And seeing its relatively good condition I thought it was new. But after posting about it to my Instagram I had one person (thanks Jason Coopman!) say that it’s been up in that spot since late 2016. Even Google Street View shows the paste there in August of 2017.

In a city that spends over a million dollars a year buffing (aka removing) graffiti and street art, it’s very rare that anything lasts longer than a few months. And when it does, as it clearly has in this case, it’s almost always a sign of general approval from the community who see it day in and day out. And that’s because if even one person had called this piece in to 311 to complain about it over the last year+, it would have been buffed by now.

Does anyone know that artist?!

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