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Powerful New Installation by Street Artist Outside Philly High School: ‘Lives Over Guns’

March 18, 2018

A powerful new installation today by Philly-based street artist, YOMI, depicting a young shooting victim laid out in front of a Philadelphia high school, joins the national conversation around greater gun control.

Installed outside of South Philly’s Academy at Palumbo (formerly known as Bartlett School and Frank C. Palumbo Junior High School,) YOMI’s installation is a response to our country’s latest mass shootings at Parkland High School in Florida. And the robust and vibrant activism that has been a result of that tragedy thanks to the organizing and outspokenness of the students of Parkland and students at schools across the nation.

I joined YOMI for his install this morning to grab photos of his piece while it lasted. Because, with street art installations of such a pointed political nature, not to mention one that is this potentially triggering, it’s hard to imagine that it will last long on the street before it’s removed by The City or a neighbor. (In fact, I’m sure it’ll be down before you even read this post.)

Nevertheless, after he installed his piece I talked with YOMI about why it was important for him to create this installation and why he put it where he did:

“It’s my hope that this piece will continue the conversation between students, teachers, and parents about stricter gun laws and school safety. That students will continue to be passionate about making a change for the better and not be intimidated by greedy politicians and their ineffective and inadequate policies supported by powerful gun lobbyist such as the NRA.”

“The site for this installation was chosen because it’s a very diverse school with 49% of students being African American and 99% of graduates moving on to study at college or university. Also, it was one of the few schools to support its students as they took part in the national school walk-out and that their voices and their right of self-expression is being valued and respected.”

YOMI ended with this final thought: “On Saturday March 24th, Washington, D.C. will be the stage of a massive protest #MarchForOurLives, organized by the Parkland survivors. I urge everyone to join them and confront lawmakers and the White House head on. Let them know that these tragedies must stop, that the line has been drawn. And after the March is over don’t let it fade away. Don’t stop the protests. Don’t stop the walk outs. Change is possible but we must Demand it!”

See other works from YOMI around Philly here.

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  1. March 19, 2018 4:05 am

    Hi. I manage Ranjit Dahiya, an Indian street artist, who’s made the tallest and biggest mural in India. We’re looking for opportunities outside now. Is there any way you could help? Thanks

  2. sirdavidthedragonslayer permalink
    May 8, 2018 11:08 pm

    Must be a picture from an abortion clinic or a gun free zone.


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