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Legendary LA-Based Street Artist Robbie Conal Installs Anti-Trump Poster Series Around Philly

April 3, 2018

Last night, legendary septuagenarian street artist Robbie Conal rolled through Philly to install a handful of anti-Trump wheatpaste posters around town!

The wheatpaste, Hammer & Pickle, is an update of Robbie’s Bully Culprit/Can’t Even poster from 2015. The New York-bred, Los Angeles-based artist is currently traveling through a handful of U.S. cities installing this new poster, starting in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

If you don’t know much about Robbie – who has been putting up street art posters for over 30 years – here’s more about him from his bio:

“Robbie Conal grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan. Raised by union organizers who considered the major art museums to be day care centers for him, he spent his formative years immersing himself in art history at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the other great local art institutions of New York City…”

“In 1986, angered by the Reagan Administration’s rabid abuse of political power in the name of representative democracy, he began making satirical oil portraits of politicians and bureaucrats and turning them into street posters. He gradually developed an irregular guerrilla army of volunteers, who helped him poster the streets of major cities around the country. Over the past 24 years, Robbie has made more than 80 street posters satirizing politicians from both political parties, televangelists, and global capitalists. He has also taken on subjects like censorship, war, social injustice, and environmental issues.”

Learn more about Robbie Conal and his work here, and check out the wheatpastes he just installed around Philly here: 2nd and Poplar streets, 2nd street and Germantown avenue, Front street and Montgomery avenue.

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