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Nationally Acclaimed Graffiti Crew, The CDC​, to Host Two-Day, Pop-Up Exhibition in Fishtown This Weekend

May 17, 2018

An INCREDIBLE two-day, pop-up exhibition honoring legendary graffiti crew, The CDC, is coming to Fishtown this weekend… Y’all will not want to miss this!

Hosted by High Art Productions​, a Philly-based arts organization who specialize in pop-up art events and installations, the exhibition marks the official book release of ​Create Destroy Conquer, ​a 12 year retrospective based on the nationally acclaimed graffiti crew ‘​The CDC​’. The event will also be raising money for the medical expenses of one of the crew’s own who is currently in need of a kidney transplant.

High Art’s director and curator Terasina Bonanini emailed me some more details about the book and this weekend’s event:

“[The book] will highlight the art of lettering in graffiti culture, give depth to the crew’s history, explore their relationship with freights and showcase their growth as individual artists. This 200 page narrative tells the stories of young vandals – the friendships they develop, and the troubles they encounter while painting freights. Featuring CDC crew members:​ Mecro, Yuthe, Draft, Koyn, Bogus, DotM, Swine, Stoe, Alamo, Oter, Genoe, and Tacoe.”

“This exhibition will serve as a donation platform for one of the crew’s members who is in need of a kidney transplant. He is a loving husband and father, with another little one on the way. His kidney is only functioning at 16%, this means that if he does not find a living donor as soon as possible he will have to go on Dialysis. Our hope is that we can help him find a donor, and raise money for his medical expenses. We will be accepting donations at the event.”

Friday (5/18) from 6-10pm
Saturday (5/19) from 3-10pm

WHERE: 1537 N. Front Street (Front and Oxford streets)

Rain or shine, the exhibition will take place this Friday and Saturday ONLY. It’ll give you the opportunity to see some new pieces that The CDC crew has just put up. It’ll be your first chance to purchase their book. (The book will then be available online next week, and you can check out High Art’s website for more details about that.) And it’ll give you a chance to make a donation to the medical fund.

Hope y’all can come out and show your support!

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