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Join Me: Come Explore the Street Art, Murals – and More – of South Philadelphia

May 23, 2018

(Photo by Eric Dale: mural by Shira Walinsky)

At the end of this month‘s #StreetsDept2ndSat tour exploring The Gayborhood (photos here, if you’re curious) I asked the tours’ participants which of two neighborhoods they’d like to explore next…

Well, the answer was pretty unanimous: South Philly!

There’s SO much to see in South Philly from murals to street art to graffiti to stickers to some of the most important community arts organizations in the city. And it’s a part of the city I didn’t offer a tour of in 2017, so I’m excited to offer it this year.


And a quick side note on this year’s season so far: Thank y’all so much, the first two tours of this 2018 season have both sold out. I’m so pumped you’re liking these and how I’ve evolved them for this year. I’ve got more surprises in store for June’s tour. So I hope you’ll join me, and hey why don’t you tell a friend too! <3

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