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Artist Paints Mural to Philly Students Across from Demolished West Philly School

June 8, 2018

A new mural this week by Philly-based artist NDA honors Philly students, “the future of our city,” across the street from a demolished West Philadelphia elementary school that’s currently being redeveloped… Good God I love some subversive art!

Located at the intersection of 46th street and Woodland avenue, facing the site of the former Alexander Wilson elementary school, NDA’s new mural is a portrait of his young neighbor Diamond. He wrote the following on his Instagram about the mural’s inspiration:

“Your future is unwritten. Finished up this mural in West Philly over the weekend. [It’s a] portrait of my neighbor, Diamond, who is a good student and athlete with a bright future. There was a school across the street, and it was demolished to make way for University of the Sciences dorms and shops.”

“Although higher education is important, I think more emphasis needs to be put into funding k-12 education in city neighborhoods. This piece aims to honor young, driven students like Diamond that will become the future of this city.”

Absolutely love this, great work NDA!

See pervious work from NDA around Philly here, including his most recent sculptural street art installation from April!

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