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Via Audre Lorde and The Fresh Prince: Myth Brings His Political Wheatpastes to Philly

July 1, 2018

Recently spotted this new wheatpaste featuring a quote by Audre Lorde delivered by The Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith) on a building at the border of Philly’s Fishtown and Kensington neighborhoods.

The installation is by New York City-based activist, Myth. The quote reads: ‘There is no such thing as a single issue struggle, cause we do not live single issue lives.’ 

This is the first time I’ve seen Myth’s work in Philly, but I found a great interview with him by Kristy Calabro on Sold Magazine‘s blog, “[Myth] doesn’t see himself as a street artist because he’s not doing it for any artistic purpose. His whole goal is to raise awareness, engage and provoke the public to think about various issues.”

Check out that 2017 interview here! And just a heads up, I’ve not listed the exact location of this Philly installation because I’ve just noticed it’s already been buffed/removed before this post even went up. But, you can follow Myth on Instagram to see when/where his puts up new work!

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