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Meet Old Saint Gritty: The Kenzinger Bearing Santa That Philly Needs and Deserves

December 13, 2018

And a Very Gritty Christmas to you…

New wheatpaste today by Marisa Velázquez-Rivas sees Gritty as Santa complete with a box of “Phestive Philly” goodies!

You can find the wheatpaste now at Girard avenue and Hope street, but this spot gets buffed by its building owner pretty regularly so you likely don’t have much time to see it if you did want to see it in real life. That is, of course, until Gritty visits us all on the evening of December 24th. And I guess in that case you should follow Marisa’s lead and leave out Kenzinger and yellow mustard topped Philly pretzels!

Check out our Summer 2018 interview with Philly street artist Marisa Velázquez-Rivas here!

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