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Have Y’all Spotted Tom Lincoln’s Little “Angel” Mural in Rittenhouse Square?

April 15, 2019

At the end of February, an artist tagged me in an Instagram post about their latest public work. That work was a small mural installed on what looked to be a boarded up basement window of an active Center City church. The mural’s fine detail and painterly qualities caught my eye, so I screencapped the post as a reminder to myself to go see it. And a couple of weeks ago, when I was walking around with my camera, I grabbed these photos!

Titled Angel, the mini-mural was created by artist and former appellate attorney Tom Lincoln and is located on Trinity Memorial Church at 22nd and Spruce streets in Rittenhouse Square upon the invite of its rector, Rev. Donna Maree.

I suppose it goes without saying because I’ve created this post about it, but I really like this little mural. It made me smile to see online, and it certainly didn’t disappoint to see in person.

Ps. While I do have a Call to Artists for artists who create in the public space who are interested in being featured on this blog (and in that I ask any interested artists to email me,) clearly tagging me in an Instagram photo works as well if you’d like to nudge me about your new work!

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  1. Vince permalink
    April 15, 2019 5:57 am

    The political commentary on this is fantastic. What Banksy is saying here is that one cannot be a religious and righteous person when corporate influence controls our every thought. He picked “Flo” from the Progressive Insurance ads in an absolutely incredible piece of satire.

    We are so lucky to have an artist like Banksy to fill our public spaces, and we are so lucky to have a guy like Conrad who wants all the street art in Philadelphia to go through him.

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