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Streets Dept Podcast – SN 2, EP 13: Beating the Establishment, A Talk with Philadelphia City Councilmember-elect Jamie Gauthier

June 17, 2019

It’s the Season 2 Finale of the Streets Dept Podcast today, y’all! Where has the time gone? And I honestly couldn’t have a better guest with me to say goodbye to this particularly Philly-focused season.

Today we’ll be chatting with Councilmember-elect Jamie Gauthier! As anyone who’s paid any attention to local news or social media over the last month likely knows, Jamie was recently elected in a historic win against an establishment backed 27-year incumbent for the City Council seat of Philadelphia’s quickly gentrifying 3rd District. A rare feat in Philadelphia, where the establishment holds a lot of sway with the folks who actually vote in municipal elections.

From her childhood and growing up in West Philly to her career choices as an adult, to how she plans to work to address gentrification, the environment, and the fact that in a city that’s majority Black only 2.5% of Philadelphia’s businesses are Black-owned (a fact recently reported by Philly Magazine’s Ernest Owens,) we talk about a lot.

Check out my conversation with Councilmember-elect Jamie Gauthier below, or on any major podcast streaming platform by searching “Streets Dept Podcast”!

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Season 2 of the Streets Dept Podcast is brought to you by our brilliant sponsors at Temple University! Each episode is mixed and edited by our Producer Mike Mehalick and recorded at the legendary Indy Hall coworking space in Old City, Philadelphia.

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