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Gianni Lee on Race Street

June 18, 2019

Just spotted some new Gianni Lee on Race street off 2nd street in Old City…

If you’re not familiar with Gianni Lee, he’s a visual artist, music producer, DJ, and fashion designer who’s Philly-bred and truly just a powerhouse in the international art scene right now (seriously just Google him.) For perhaps obvious reasons, he feels a bit like a 2019 Keith Haring to me, and I love that!

According to the bio on his website, “[Gianni] uses painting as a language to tell the story of a people fighting for their home and their existence. This story takes place in a distant dystopian future. His canvas and color choices are a platform for him to express inner-feelings on issues he can’t put into words. He tells stories that speak about social issues in America and abroad.”

Can someone offer Gianni a big outdoor mural in Philly, please? Thank you!

See past works by Gianni Lee around Philly here!

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