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Sean 9 Lugo Honors Nine New Philly-Bred Creatives with Wheatpaste Series

July 16, 2019

Philly-area street artist Sean 9 Lugo is back at it again installing near life-sized wheatpaste tributes to Philly-bred creatives all around town!

Titled Clones of Illadelph, Sean’s series pays homage to various individuals with Philly roots who he says have motivated, inspired, and/or shown him love in his life and career. Sean started this series in April of 2018 with his first nine installations (and you can see those here,) including a wheatpaste to yours truly that I was beyond honored to learn about. This time around Sean’s got nine new Philly folks to celebrate installed at eight new locations!

Below I’ve listed the Philly creatives that Sean has wheatpasted in the order that the photos appear in this post, along with their locations and the blurb Sean included in his Instagram posts about each installation:

1) DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith at 52nd Street and Baltimore Avenue
“‘Summer Time’ In 1991, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince dropped the album ‘HomeBase.’ I was 9 years old at the time when I heard ‘Summer Time.’ That jawn changed my life and gave me an even bigger love for Hip Hop and by the way those jackets are fuego. Thank you DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith for such a classic album and inspiring me as a youngster.” [Source]

2) Marisa Velázquez-Rivas at 2nd and Laurel Streets
“My hermana is a force to be reckoned with. This young Jedi is so real and is killing it with her messages. Thanks for collaborating, Marisa!” [Source]

3) Ginger Rudolph at 5th and South Streets
“There are few people in this world that you run into who automatically put a smile on your face, Ginger Rudolph is one of them. Her support for artists and projects with HAHA x Paradigm are so amazing.” [Source]

4) Mollywoppers NYB at Front and Reed Streets
“This past New Year I was invited by my brother Mike Supermodel (owner of Jinxed Philadelphia) to be a part of the craziest celebration in Philadelphia. Can’t wait for next year, only 173 days left before I get to have a fucking blast with the Mollywoppers NYB in 2020.” [Source]

5) Adam Wallacavage at Broad and Thompson Streets
“One word sums up this guy, LEGEND…from his insane chandeliers to his epic photographs of skate culture Adam Wallacavage has been an inspiration for years.” [Source]

6) Kid Hazo at Front and Market Streets
“First off, homie is the wittiest street artist in the game. His creativity and installations are always inspiring me. Secondly, the reason his skin is green is because he’s the Fanatics father and has been on this Earth for 99 years…he is also a great mechanic and a five time gold medal winner in ballet.” [Source]

7) Cait McCormack at 33rd and Clifford Streets
“This kitty loves to play with yarn…Cait McCormack is by far one of my favorite artists from Philly. I can’t wrap my brain around the way she creates those beautiful creatures. I try to visualize what she imagines but just end up failing miserably.” [Source]

8) Doug Nox at 55th Street and Baltimore Avenue
Sean’s yet to post about Doug just yet, but I’ll update this post when he does!

See more work from Sean 9 Lugo around Philly here!

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