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Klip Collective’s “Room 303” at BOK in South Philly Is A Whole Damn Thing, Don’t Miss It!

November 5, 2019

(Photo from Klip Collective)

In LOVE with Klip Collective’s Room 303, an immersive art experience on view now (free) 10am-4pm on weekdays next to Klip’s studios on the 3rd Floor of BOK in South Philly! Check out the video embebded below to get a better sense of the installation. (Those with trypophobia be warned.)

Led by video artist and projection mapping pioneer Ricardo Rivera, Klip Collective is a Philly-based art practice founded in 2003 that produces site-specific video, light, and sound installations.

Like most of their work, Klip’s experience at BOK is only temporary, so don’t wait long to go see it! There is currently no closing date, but you can follow them on Instagram here for more information and announcements.

P.s. Some of y’all might remember Klip Collective’s first installation at BOK in 2016, which was equally impressive and beautifully poignant. Check that out here, if you don’t remember!

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