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New Wire Street Art Installation in Center City by Reed

November 16, 2019

New wire art installation from Baltimore-based street artist Reed located at 13th and Market streets in Center City!

So Reed’s installations are made with super thin wire and hung high in the air on traffic light polls, which usually makes them pretty easy to miss. I’ve always found that a particularly endearing aspect of Reed’s work, not too dissimilar to sticker artists who get higher up on the backs of streets signs. Like, it can be a bit of work to spot those kinds of work, but if you do it’s a bit of a treat to discover. And there’s something about this 13th and Market spot that almost makes this new piece by Reed even more invisible. The busyness of that intersection or maybe the taller buildings surrounding it offering less of sky’s negative white space to see it. Either way, I noticed more people than usual really confused about where I was pointing my camera when I shot the photos for this post.

Depicting a wide-eyed heart shaped figure looking through a telescope with its fingers crossed, Reed’s 13th and Market installation could symbolize any number of things. I think I see it as a hope for kindness among strangers navigating the streets, the city, and their lives.

See previous installations from Reed around Philly here!

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