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Merry Christmas and F*ck ICE!

December 25, 2019

Love this “Fuck ICE” yarnbomb from legendary Philly street artist Ishknits, found at Broad and Spring Garden Streets!

“ICE was created in 2003 as part of the post-9/11 panic-induced increase in domestic surveillance,” writes Molly Roberts for the Washington Post. Titled ICE Deserves to be Abolished, Molly uses her article to, among other things, remind folks that both Democratic- and Republican-led governments have closed and/or tried to closed various government agencies over the decades. It’s nothing new to suggest that we eliminate an agency. And it’s time to abolish ICE. Molly adds, “Those who want to abolish ICE have a strong argument. They’re not saying the agency is useless, and they’re not saying it’s a money-sink. They’re saying it does active harm.”

If you or someone you know needs it, the ACLU has really helpful information for protecting yourself and your loved ones in their Immigrants’ Rights guide, which you can find here.

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