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Nicole Nikolich Yarnbombs Slug in Northern Liberties

December 27, 2019

Just spotted this yarnbombed slug by Philly street artist Nicole Nikolich (aka Lace in the Moon), located at 2nd and Laurel Streets in Northern Liberties!

In an Instagram post about the piece that was installed at the end of October, Nicole wrote, “Been feeling sluggish lately as the seasons change, so I quite literally made a (rainbow) slug. As the colder months approach, I plan on using my platform to speak candidly about my ups and downs as an artist living with depression…” You can, and absolutely should, read her entire post here!

And, as we head in to January 2020 and the 9th anniversary of this blog, I’m anticipating that I’m gonna have a pretty nostalgic year. When I spotted Nicole’s piece on this fence this week, I immediate thought about how through all the changes Northern Liberties has been through, this intersection has long-proved to be a great spot for artists to put up on. In recent years, an abandoned rowhome sat where that now fenced in lot is and it used to offer artists a well-trafficked canvas on one of our city’s busier streets; here’s an example of one a Bines wheatpaste on that building from 2017. Years before that and two lots over, there was an abandoned garage that many artists used; I even documented Joe Boruchow installing there way back in May 2011, which you can check out in this post. It’s been so much fun documenting many of Philly’s street artists over the years. And this intersection just kind of proves to me that no matter how much our city may change in the coming years, that artists will always find a way.

P.s. You can read our 2019 interview with Nicole Nikolich here!

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  1. Alan Stanton (@AlanStanton_) permalink
    December 28, 2019 4:37 am

    Striking and delightful – at least looking at your photos! I especially like the slime trail.
    But this slug has borrowed a snail’s shell.

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