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Street Art Gritty Stands with the Protestors in Hong Kong

December 27, 2019

New installation this week by Philly street artist Jes Paints at 2nd and Laurel Streets in Northern Liberties!

Created using spray paint and stencil with a few hand-painted brushstrokes, the artwork depicts a peace-sign-throwing Gritty holding a sign that reads, “I am American. I stand with Hong Kong.” The artist adds a bit more context in their Instagram post about the artwork, saying that this Gritty is “fighting for freedom.”

And talking about artists using their platforms: If you didn’t know, Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei is currently working on a documentary about that fight for freedom that’s happening right now in Hong Kong. And if you’re not already, you should definitely be following him Instagram to continue to learn more about what’s going on there.

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  1. Lynn Petrovich permalink
    December 28, 2019 10:43 am

    You know that the protests in Hong Kong are CIA supported, right? You can tell which protests around the world are legitimate and which ones are coups by how the Corporate Media covers them. Do you know that France has been protesting for over a year?No media coverage. Honduras – protests No media coverage Bolivia – protests after US-backed coup removes the democratically-elected Evo MoralesNo media coverage

    Art should reflect life.Not propaganda Lynn

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