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New Wheatpaste Reminds Us The Power of Corporate Messages In Our Public Space

February 5, 2020

New wheatpaste this week by Philly-based street artist Symone Salib celebrates body positivity and reminds us the power of corporate messages in our public space!

“Corporations intentionally make you hate your physical appearance to profit,” the wheatpaste reads. “Don’t let your body be a prison.”

Located at Broad Street at Fitzwater Streets in South Philly, Symone’s wheatpaste features a portrait of fellow Philly artist, Chloe Fimiano, along with a quote inspired by them. Symone elaborated on her Instagram: “Chloe’s words really inspired me last week to make this! It wasn’t until these last few years that I really started to embrace my body and accept my self for who I am. Grateful to be in a healthier mindset about my appearance and genuinely love my thick ass body. Here is to loving your body no matter the shape or size.”

See past works from Symone Salib around Philly here; read our 2019 interview with Symone here!

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