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That Lady Carole Baskin Has A Message for Y’all:

April 2, 2020

New wheatpaste today from Philly-based street artist Symone Salib located at 9th and Christian Streets in South Philly!

Symone’s paste uses Netflix’s Tiger King to get across the curial message that you should stay home as much as you can right now to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus (said in Cardi B’s voice, naturally). The paste’s message reads, “Hey all, you cool cats and kittens, stay home!”, and it comes from that lady Carole Baskin who might have killed her husband and fed him to a tiger. So, stay home, y’all, or God knows what Carole Baskin might do to you!

See past works from Symone Salib around Philly here!

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