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As Rainbow Art Becomes the Theme of Our Philly Quarantine, A 12 ft. Rainbow Tree Blooms in Fairmont

April 13, 2020

As Philadelphians across the city create rainbow art for their windows and paint rainbows in chalk on their sidewalks, one family in Fairmount hired a local street artist to yarnbomb a 12 ft. rainbow tree!

I’m sure that by now most of y’all have noticed the rainbows in many of your neighbors’ windows. That initiative was started by the #OnePhillyArt project with the goal of giving people a creative outlet as they’re stuck in their homes during our COVID-19 quarantine while simultaneously creating city-wide messages of love and togetherness for neighbors, including those essential workers who might experience the artworks en masse while traveling to and from work. And while the #OnePhillyArt project offers new artistic themes to engage with and display each week via their Facebook group, their first week’s theme of rainbows seems to have struck a particular cord with people and it’s stuck.

Cue these neighbors in Fairmount, who had been following the work of Philly-based street artist Nicole Nikolich (aka Lace in the Moon) and hired her to yarnbomb a 12 ft rainbow on a tree on their block. The yarnbomb can be found at Parrish Street and Corinthian Avenue!

See other yarnbombs from Nicole Nikolich around Philly here, and read our 2019 interview with the artist here!

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