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Street Artist Criticizes Healthcare Workers’ Lack of “PPE” with New Installation in Philly

April 19, 2020

Loving this new installation by Philly-based street artist, Jes Paints!

Located at 10th and Irving Streets in Center City, the work appears to criticize the lack of personal protective equipment (or “PPE”) of which countless health professionals across the nation say they do not have enough to safely do their job, including those here in Philadelphia.

Along with the artwork’s “Sponsored by Hefty” stencil, I’m guessing the artist is also criticizing the idea of a for-profit healthcare system, as opposed to a system that views healthcare as a human right. Jes Paints’ work promoting Bernie Sanders during this last Presidential Primary helps me think that’s the case.

Lastly, Jes Paints, like all street artists, is creating these installations from their own funds. So, if you are liking their work, especially right now, please consider donating to Jes Paints’ GoFundMe here, if you can!

See past works from Jes Paints around Philly here!

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