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New Yarnbomb Bids Gender Roles A Final Farewell

May 18, 2020

New yarnbomb from Philly-based street artist,  Nicole Nikolich (aka Lace In the Moon)! Located at 10th and Spring Garden Streets, the piece depicts a tombstone with flowers and reads, “Gender Roles”.

Really delighted to see this new work. One, because I support the message. But also, just because there has been so much COVID-related street art over the last two month. So much of it I love of course and have blogged about. But, it was just kind of nice to see something new and unrelated to the crisis.

I reached out to Nicole over text to ask her more about it and why now was a good time to install: “It’s a tattoo I have that I thought would be a cool piece as something not Coronavirus related… Feels like when people go on walks it’s to get out if the house and NOT think about the virus, so I wanted to do something I would have done whether the virus was happening or not.”

Read our 2019 interview with Nicole Nikolich here; and see other yarnbombs from her around Philly here!

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