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Artists Paint Mural to Honor the Countless Philly Organizers Who Helped Get Out the Vote in 2020

January 14, 2021

Very excited to curate a new temporary mural with artists Symone Salib and Letisha Bindu Golafaie, titled We Did That, with support from Mural Arts Philadelphia. Our mural honors the countless Philly organizers who helped to energize the electorate in 2020!

From the artists: 

We Did That is a mural celebrating and thanking the resilient organizers of Philadelphia for their consistent dedication to improving the community at large. This mural is about showing up for the community. It’s about rallying together, raising funds for mutual aid efforts, hope and above all community care. It’s about organizing to be more unified, staying informed, and exercising our right to vote. This mural is here to honor the Black and Brown organizers who have been at the forefront of critical elections and movements throughout the history of Philadelphia.”

“This mural depicts Rasheed Ajamu (Phreedom Jawn), Letisha GolafaieSamantha RiseNikki Grant, and Nelini Stamp, whose efforts we admire. It stands for the hundreds and thousands more in Philly that also continue to push for a better, more equitable city and world.”

The mural will be located at 13th and Arch Streets for roughly the next year (depends on weather). It sits across the street from the Philadelphia Convention Center and exactly one block away from the intersection where countless Philadelphians danced, cheered, and peacefully protested in the days following the 2020 Presidential Election as officials worked to count all of our votes. 

Really proud to be part of this project and to be able to place this work of art so close to the center of our city’s 2020 Count the Votes rallies. I’m excited that for the next year we’ll be able to honor this piece of history and hopefully inspire even more folks to vote and engage civically! 

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