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New Gloria Casarez Tribute Wheatpaste Installed Then Mysteriously Removed This Week

January 16, 2021

New wheatpase this week in Philly’s Gayborhood honoring the late great activist and leader Gloria Casarez! Created by local street artist Tiff Urquhart, the artwork was wheatpasted on a wall at St. James and Camac Streets, just around the corner from where the Gloria Casarez mural was whitewashed last month (more about that here and here.)

“Gloria Casarez is an important historical figure in the Latinx, LGBTQIA+, and Philadelphia community as a whole”, Tiff told me through Instagram DM. “Although it isn’t a permanent installation like the recently defaced mural just yards away, I wanted to keep her portrait in the public eye any way possible. I wanted to keep Gloria on 12th St.”

Unfortunately, Tiff’s wheatpaste was ripped down shortly after I took these photos and within just two days of it being put up, which the artist posted about on Instagram last night (screencapped below). Even looking at my photos taken the morning after its installation you can see that someone was tearing at the corner of the new work. Look, street art can often have a short life, but usually stuff lasts longer than 48 hours. And given the national coverage the whitewashing of the Gloria Casarez mural recently received, I think it’d be pretty unlikely that the person(s) who tore down this wheatpaste didn’t know who it was honoring.

In another DM conversation today, Tiff explained that it seems no one is sure who might have removed their Gloria tribute, but the artist says they’ll work on another piece to install again soon. And I hope they do!

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