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“Where’d Ya Go?” New Philly Street Art Collaboration Calls Out Ghosting Culture

July 14, 2021

Love this new installation calling out ghosting culture by Philly/LA-based artist Amberella and Philly-based artist Nicole Nikolich (aka Lace in the Moon), installed this morning on Frankford Avenue at Norris Street in Fishtown!

The collaboration features a yarnbombed pizza slice with playful toppings by Nicole Nikolich next to an Amberella heart that says “Where’d Ya Go” with a Haiku under it from her that reads: “You sucked my melons, We ate meat lovers pizza, Did you get too full?”

“I wrote this Haiku for a man that I was dating in December,” explained Amberella. “We met on Hinge. Our first date was a Christmas beach sunset. He came in hot, we had a few great dates together and then I felt a shift and didn’t hear from him.” (Read more on Amberella’s Instagram post here.)

“About a year ago, Amber and I collaborated on a piece that was inspired by a poem I wrote about falling in love,” Nicole added (and you can see that pervious collaboration here). “This time, we took inspiration from a poem Amber recently wrote about a courtship that was going well until she got ghosted. This piece is about taking your heart and turning it into art, about finding ways to make art out of any and all things that life has thrown your way.”

Nicole continued: “Ghosting, what a common term these days. Not only in romantic relationships (not gonna lie, I have for sure been both the ghoster and the ghostee in the past), but in other areas as well. I’m sure other creatives can relate to sending out drafts or submitting your budget or making a sketch for a client you have been in contact with and then just pooF! It’s truly wild. This piece is meant to be playful and cheeky and hope it reminds you to treat one another a little better next time you would rather just ghost.”

P.s. It deserves to be mentioned that as the artists were working on this installation for what turned out to be roughly three hours, local pizza shop Pizza Brain made and delivered two delicious free pizzas for the artists, me, and those admiring the work. God bless the people of Pizza Brain!

See past work from Amberella around Philly here; and past work from Nicole Nikolich here!

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