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Artist Tiff Urquhart Paints Lovely New Floral Mural in the Heart of Bella Vista

July 21, 2021

Lovely new mural by Philly-based artist Tiff Urquhart painted this past weekend at 9th and Catharine Streets in Bella Vista!

The mural was supported by a commission from the owner of Kalaya, a restaurant opened in 2019 by chef Nok Suntaranon that serves authentic Thai food from family recipes. Painted on the restaurant’s expanded outdoor dining area, for the mural Tiff freehanded Thai flowers and foliage.

Murals, food, and a place for gathering is a WAY better use for this little slice of outdoor space than parking for a few cars, in my opinion. Love it! And shout out to the local restaurant owners like Nok who are hiring local artists to paint murals on their newly created walls.

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