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Streets Dept-Curated Murals Created by Four Local Artists Displayed at City Hall

July 21, 2021

It’s official! The murals created by four Philly-based artists over the last several weeks have been installed on the North Apron of City Hall where they’ll remain for an as-yet indefinite amount of time!

Designed and painted by artists Ash Ryan, Alloyius Mcilwaine, Manuela Guillén, and Jeffy Thomas, these murals were created with Wawa Welcome America and Mural Arts Philadelphia. So excited to have curated and managed this project, and beyond thrilled that these murals will have an extended life at City Hall for viewing. That’s not something we expected when we started this project, but as the murals were created the opportunity came up and we took it.

We’re also excited to learn this week that while the original plan was to display the murals there just for the summer, we’ve been invited to keep them there indefinitely (basically until new art is curated for the space they’re currently in, so probably something like a full year.)

You can click on the following names of each artist to watch a short TikTok video from each of them talking about their new mural for this project: Ash, Alloyius, Manuela, and Jeffy. And definitely go check out the murals when you can to see them in real life and to read the full artists’ statements!

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