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Stained Glass Street Art Installed in South Philly

February 20, 2022

Love this new stained glass street art installation today by artist Justin Tyner! Located on Wharton Street between 12th and 13th Streets at Columbus Square in South Philly, I asked the artist over text message to tell us more about the work:

“I’ve learned that light shining through colored glass can have profound effects,” Justin replied. “As a stained glass artist I have become very aware of the possibilities of broken glass. I just try to change the way you look at it. When you work with stained glass, really the meaning is not the actual materials, it is the light shining through it. I use references from nature, poetry and psychedelia to examine the hidden aspects of glass.”

“The glass comes from old church windows and broken bottles I find in the city,” he explained.

“My vision is to use reclaimed pieces of stained glass and discarded shards of bottle glass to reveal the hidden aspects of these materials,” Justin concluded. “Installing stained glass as street art into the public space I’d like the viewer to have a transformative experience with the light shining through the glass. Where contemplation and creative thought are encouraged.”

Please note that Justin’s installations usually have a very short life. So if you’re interested in seeing this one, I’d go soon!

Streets Dept first documented a Justin Tyner stained glass installation back in June of 2013, which you can see/read here! Click here to see more from this artist from years past around Philly.

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