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Klip Collective Installs Awesome New Neon Mural On A Failed Parking Garage In The Gayborhood

March 3, 2022

UPDATE (3/7): This post originally credited support for this artwork to the “Midtown Village neighborhood association,” but has been updated to credit the correct association, the “Midtown Village Merchants Association.”

Love this fun little neon installation by Philly-based light artists Klip Collective, located at Juniper and Sansom Streets in the Gayborhood! The installation was apparently in the works for years, but put on hold because of Covid. That’s according to Steph Irwin, a brilliant event/installation producer, who messaged me about this work that she helped to install.

The artwork was sponsored by the “Midtown Village” Merchants Association, which for anyone reading this who doesn’t know is a made-up name for a business-focused section of the Gayborhood. This is the Gayborhood. Honestly at this point that failed, vaguely homophobic rebrand of a neighborhood should be left in the 2010s. Loose the name and keep supporting awesome local art like this, please!

Also worth noting that this artwork is located in a part of town that’s full of successful local businesses and surrounded by public transit options, and it’s been installed on a closed parking garage called “The Lift At Juniper Street”. Allegedly, this failed parking garage, which only opened in 2014, has been under renovation the last couple of years. Perhaps it could be renovated into some much needed housing?

See past work from Klip Collective around Philly here!

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