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New Bok Building Mural Celebrates Queer Relationships In All Forms

March 15, 2022

In love with this new mural from mural artists Symone Salib and Candy Alexandra González with poetry from Lois Cheaye! Located on the first floor of the east hallway in the Bok Building, the mural can be seen when the building is open to the public or during one of Bok’s free weekly tours (more info here.)

Titled You Are My Other Me, Symone wrote the following about their new mural on Instagram: “You Are My Other Me is a mural that celebrates queer relationships in all their forms and how they foster collective healing. Platonic relationships, romantic relationships, and everything in between have been such a huge part of my growth and healing throughout my 20’s. It was literally dreamy to create this mural with Candy Alexandra González that was inspired by our trauma informed queer exploration art class, centered for BIPOC folks, that was funded through the Art and Change Grant by the Leeway Foundation. Throughout the series of classes we talked about our journeys of how we all have blossomed into our most authentic selves and created art about it. Through a writing activity we facilitated, Lois Cheaye, wrote this beautiful poem that is featured on the mural. This mural was truly a collaboration in all its forms.”

See past work from Symone Salib around Philly here; and see past work from Candy Alexandra González around Philly here!

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