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Artist Sarah Peoples Creates A Pop-up Sculpture Garden Made From Trash In South Philly

April 22, 2022

Absolutely in love with this temporary sculpture garden from artist Sarah Peoples! Located at Palumbo Park in South Philly, the artist has installed six sculptures assembled from recycled and post-consumer material for a project titled, Deconstructed Landscapes.

“The primary inspiration for Deconstructed Landscapes are the paintings of Thomas Cole, the founder of the Hudson River School, a contemporary of Emerson, and arguably the quintessential American Romantic Landscape painter,” the artist wrote in a press release. “Cole’s paintings rely on symbolism to convey ideas in a self-invented framework by utilizing five necessary components needed to paint a distinctly American landscape: water, mountains, sky, forest, and wilderness. Each one of these elements bears meaning in Cole’s depictions of the majesty of the American landscape. Mountains convey the fortitude of the human spirit, forests convey courage or immortality, sky is the soul of ‘man’, etc.”

Created for the Da Vinci Art Alliance‘s Everyday Futures Fest, Sarah’s installation will only be up through this weekend and come down on April 26th. But the artist and I (not so) secretly hope that if enough people show the artwork love, it can stay up a bit longer!

See previous work from Sarah Peoples around Philly here.

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