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Gloopy Goblins Are Exactly What They Sound Like

August 25, 2022

Words and photos by Streets Dept Contributor, Eric Dale

Hey Philly, have you seen any grinning goblin heads around recently? I bet you have, because street art newcomer Gloopy Goblin has been wheatpasting around the city.

I briefly met the artist at Tattooed Mom’s first Thirsty Walls event in May, and recently reached out for a little more info via Instagram DM.

“I’ve always been into street art,” the artist told me. “I used to mostly just doodle and do some interactive installations/sculptures and recently with the pandemic I started drawing more and developed a masked humanoid series and sorta stumbled into a goblin character.” Now, it’s become a form of therapy for him that lets him see the city in a new way.

Why are they gloopy though? Well, because they’re literally gloopy when he installs them with wheatpaste. But “doing pastes just felt so accessible,” he said.

I recently came across this Gloopy Goblin on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown. As I stopped to take a photo, a couple also stopped to take some photos. Then, they turned around and went back the way they had come from—so I guess they had come out specifically to see a Gloopy Goblin! When I told them I’d tell the artist he has fans, they said “oh my god, yes!”

The artist is experimenting with different features on the goblins, which are mostly hand-drawn, and is considering coming up with a bit of lore, too. As in, he wants to figure out “who’s been cutting their heads off this whole time” and what a full-body goblin might look like. Fun!

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