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To The Polls 2022: Exhibition Archive

November 7, 2022

Welcome to the exhibition archive for To The Polls 2022, this is a space to record the murals and artist’s statements!

To The Polls 2022 is a mural exhibition that took place in LOVE Park the month of October 2022 through November 4th, ahead of Election Day on November 8th. Organized and curated by Streets Dept Walls’ Conrad Benner with support from Mural Arts Philadelphia, the exhibition worked with six Philly-based artists to create six temporary 8×12-foot murals to rally the Philadelphia community around civic participation through the act of voting. A seventh wall structure invited passers-by to write their reasons for voting.

Learn more about each of the murals below:

Frank Chappell III’s “For Those Who Can’t”

Frank Chappell III is a Philadelphia-based muralist and mixed media artist. Chappell’s work often reflects the life and culture in the city he was born and raised. Using playful and light-hearted imagery, he conveys his messages painting nature within the urban environment.

Artist Statement: “The decision a voter makes does not solely effect them. Children cannot vote on issues that will influence their future. Animals cannot vote on whether or not their habitats will be destroyed. It is up to voter to be the voice for the voiceless.”

Donna Grace Kroh’s “Create Our Future”

Donna Grace Kroh is a Philly-based portrait artist and muralist. In her work she focuses on bringing out the emotions of the subject to pull the viewer into the canvas.

Artist Statement: “When voting, I hold the future at the front of my mind. My immediate future and for the next generations to come. With this mural titled ‘Create Our Future’ I took photographs of Philadelphia residents and asked them what they would like to see within their future. As a collaborative community piece, I hope to find connections and encourage citizens to exercise their freedom of democracy and to use the power of their voice.”

Zerbe’s “Untitled”

Zerbe is an artist/ community activator. Known for his graphic lines and expressionistic style work. He has managed to fuse street art elements with his techniques while using lines to create an ever energy flows into his work. What’s unique about Zerbe’s work is the locations and the focus of his work. He focuses his work on community building and social change. The neighborhood of Kensington in Philadelphia is where you can find Zerbe painting, cleaning or just assisting the community on any given day. This makes a huge impact being that most people stray away from this area due to the crime, drug usage and homelessness within the area. His work inspires and provokes a need for social change within the area and shines a light on all of the social issues within the area. This makes Zerbe not only an incredible artist but also an advocate for humanity.

Natalie Hope McDonald’s “YOUR VOTE EQUALS POWER”

Natalie Hope McDonald is an artist based in Philadelphia. She works in a variety of mediums, including works on paper and painting using reclaimed materials, as well as murals. She’s inspired by street art and pop culture. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections around the world, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Artist Statement: “My goal with this art is to acknowledge how big and unwieldy the issues can, indeed feel, particularly within the most marginalized communities, while reminding each of us that voting is still one of the most direct ways to have a voice. I purposely included protest signs in the mix as an acknowledgment of the power that comes from mass dissent, something we saw after George Floyd was murdered by police and again when Roe v. Wade was overturned. Turning that dissent into votes can realistically change the future by putting people in office who have our best interests in mind… Everything truly is at stake. Don’t sit this election out.”

Rachael Reyes-Vazquez’s “No Vote, Sin Voz”

Born and raised in Philadelphia and heavily influenced by Hip Hop and graffiti, Rachael Reyes-Vazquez is an artist whose full-hearted work reflects different periods and chapters in her life. Rachael also brings forth a community-oriented spirit as an advocate for youth, young adults, families, and communities affected by violence in Philadelphia.

Artist Statement: “When creating this mural, my focus was to emphasize the fact that now is the time to be proactive and make your voice heard. Voting collectively makes pathways for change and hope to those fighting for a better world. The leadership starts with us.”

De’von Downes’ “A Chance For Hope”

De’von Downes is a contemporary artist working mainly in portraiture to tell the stories of the Black and or queer experience. A queer artist based out of Philadelphia/ South Jersey who creates art both visual and wearable around wellness.

Artist Statement: “‘A Chance For Hope’ includes portraits of my cousins that I took while teaching them how to paint. This piece is about thinking not about how things affect myself and my journey as an adult, but how the choices of today impact the lives of the kids in my life. I vote and do community work so that they have an opportunity to grow up and make decisions, mistakes, and lives of their own that aren’t limited by the decisions of the adults today. To give them and all the other kids a chance to grow into a world that allows them to just be themselves without having to struggle or fix issues that could’ve been addressed earlier.”

The “I Vote Because” Participatory Wall

Thank you to all of you that added your reason for voting in this election in our “I Vote Because” wall, including Josh Shapiro and Gisele Fetterman!

See the murals from To The Polls 2020 here; and from To The Polls 2018 here!

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