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Streets Dept Presents: The 2022 Shop-In-Philly Holiday Gift Guide

December 1, 2022

Welcome to Streets Dept’s 2022 Shop-In-Philly Holiday Gift Guide! It’s always the right time to shop local and support local artists, and the holidays even more so! So please, for the love of God and our city, make sure every single one of the gifts you’re buying this season comes from a local artist or shop. Every single one!

Below you’ll find the names and links of artists and shops that replied to my social media posts asking if any Philly folks had things to promote this holiday season. I encourage you to pour a glass a wine or coffee and take some time perusing each of the links that catches your eye. And if you would like to be added to any of the categories below, please submit yourself here.

Thank you for supporting Philly artists and small businesses–now get to shopping!

(Pictured from top left then clockwise: Grant Blvd, SEPTA, Doggie Style Pets, South Street Art Mart, Hakim’s Bookstore & Gift Shop, Mothership Toy Gallery, Room Shop and SOUTH fellini)

Neighborhood Shops that you can visit IRL:

And most of these stores also have great online shops, so click those links. And don’t forget, a gift certificate from a local shop is a win/win for everyone!

(Pictured from top left then counter-clockwise: Leave Philly Alone, Craft Tea, Sabbatical Beauty, and Centerpeak)

Philly-based Online Businesses:

(Pictured from top left then clockwise: Nicole Nikolich, James Boyle and Gina Tomaine, Manuela Guillén, Khalif Rivers, Joe Boruchow, Justine Kelley, Branche Coverdale, Artpce, Michele Scott, Linda May, and Amberella)

Awesome Local Artists who have a webstore:

Books From Local Authors worth buying (or pre-ordering):

Streets Dept Patreon:

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  1. December 1, 2022 6:08 pm

    Would love to be included next year- would love to have you stop in the shop!

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