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UnLitter Us #Fail: Box of Shit at City Hall

January 21, 2011

IMG_2159IMG_2160Picture 2

Dear Mayor Nutter,

Your Streets Department’s UnLitter Us campaign with it’s ‘firm commitment to attack litter on every front’ is noble, but may I suggest that you you start a little closer to home and clean up that box of shit outside of City Hall.

Thank youuuuuuu,


UPDATE (1/24): The good people at UnLitter Us Philly emailed me over the weekend to thank me for bring this to their attention, and to let me know they took care of it…  Damn, maybe I should send a Tweet about legalizing gay marriage and get that all straightened out too. Power to the blog!

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  1. Donna permalink
    March 16, 2018 2:31 pm

    The city is only ad gold as the people we produce. Teach them young anf this program is a good start. Thanks for taking the first steps in making our city cleaner. Donn in Olney

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