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Famed Street Artist, Nether, Comes to Philly, Pastes 25 New Pieces of Work in North Philly

February 15, 2012

20th x GreenmountNorth PhillyBroad Street (North Philly)Barclay x 21st (NETHER x MATARUDA)North PhillyDivine Lorraine Hotel on Broad Street (North Philly)North PhillyStairs to Train (North Philly)

(Photos by Bernard Feinsod, via Nether’s Flickr)

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor to write this post…

Just got an email from famed Baltimore wheat paste street artist, Nether, about the 25 pieces he just put up all around North Philly with photographer Bernard Feinsod. Yes, the ones photographed by Bernard above… I am speechless.

Seriously, I LOVE these. And there’s so many more!! In fact, Nether even shot a documentary about his recent trip to Philadelphia, which I’ll let y’all know more about when it gets posted… But, for now, check out Nether’s Flickr HERE to see a bunch more photos.

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