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Streets Dept Presents: Philadelphia’s Top 10 Street Art Moments of 2012

December 19, 2012

Based on your views, clicks, and shares…

10. Nether, Sorta and Harlequinade Put Up 24 Amazing New Pieces All Around Philly (August)

N. American Blvd x JeffersonBroad Street Crack Crib5th and Green Street

9. Nom Now Pastes in West Philly for Furnessadelphia (October)

8. NoseGo and Joe Boruchow Collaborate on South Street (March)


7. Philly Filmmaker Says Goodbye to a Northern Liberties Landmark (October)

6. Students at the Science Leadership Academy Wheatpaste a Mural on 22nd Street (February)


5. Nether Pastes New Work in North Philly (February)

20th x GreenmountBroad Street (North Philly)North Philly

4. The Entire Yet-To-Be-Realized/Likely-To-Never-Happen PSFS Mural Proposal And Subsequent Posts (October/November)


3. New Gaia Wheat Pastes in South Philly (January)


2. “Fuck You” Philly Skyline Paste (April)


1. Ishknits Yarnbombs Frank Rizzo (October)


This is now the second year in a row that an Ishknits post got the most views on this site… Incredible.

Check out Streets Dept’s “Top 10 Philadelphia Street Art Moments of 2011″ HERE!!

But before you go, here are 5 more great Philly street art moments from 2012:

11. Spineless Little Friends: A Participatory Street Art Project by Seasnacks (August)


12. Tim Gibbon’s Doilies (Year-Long)


13. Not Banksy, But ‘Franksy’ Hits Up South Philly with New Paste (February)

FranksyPicture 4

14. Andy Molholt Makes QR Codes Out of Legos (July)


15. Is There Such A Thing As A Stained Glass Bomb? There Is Now! (October)

Wonder what 2013 has in store…

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