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Ishknits Yarnbombs Frank Rizzo

October 24, 2012


Ishknits does it again!!

Philly’s preeminent bomber of yarn knitted a bra and panties on the statue of controversial – to say the least – Mayor of Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo, at 15th and JFK yesterday. (But before you go running off to Instagram it, you should keep reading below.)

This has to be the best use of a yarnbomb ever. Seriously, EVER… And if you’re not totally sure why Frank Rizzo was the ideal target for this, just pursue the man’s career on Wikipedia for a bit and I’m sure you’ll start to get the picture.

LOVE this Ishknits!! Thanks again for inviting me along to photograph it. And it’s a good thing I did to, because…


As quickly as it went up, it came down… Security for the building cut the piece down after only about 3 minutes.

Not totally surprising, but a bit of a bummer nonetheless, if only because it was attracting so much attention and getting so so so many people to smile and laugh and talk to each other. Which, I’m sure, doesn’t happen too often on people’s normal daily morning commutes.

But what are you going to do, that’s just the nature of street art.


The best part was when the security people were tearing it down, this older man dressed in business casual asked me if I saw who did it and then added, “Well, I don’t think Frank would’ve liked that!” as he shook his head… Kind of the point, I imagine.

If this is you’re first time hearing of Ishknits, go ahead and check out some of her other BRILLIANT yarnbombs in Philly: on the Market-Frankford El, on the Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, inside of City Hall, on Front Street in Kensington, and on the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Perelman building!!

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