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Donald Trump and Frank Rizzo Similarities Spark Trio of New Wheatpastes by Artist Joe Boruchow

July 19, 2016


These are AMAZING, and perfectly timed with this week’s Republican National Convention!

This morning, local street art legend, Joe Boruchow, installed three new wheapastes commenting a pair of American politicians who share a dangerous, divisive nature: the 2016 Republican nominee for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and the 1970s’ Mayor of Philadelphia, Frank L. Rizzo. (Hell, even the New York Times wrote about the similarities between these two.)

Joe’s titles for these three pieces speak for themselves: ‘Trump Shit Bigly’, ‘Nightmare’, and ‘Remove Rizzo’.

On the Rizzo piece specifically, Joe wrote the following on his blog…

“Let’s demote this ‘crumb bum‘ and remove his statue from the steps of Philadelphia’s Municipal Services Building. Frank Rizzo’s legacy of racial divisiveness and thuggery is no longer one that Philly should endorse. Like an effigy of an authoritarian dictator, the statue looms over our provincial politics and is a symbol of our dysfunction. Move him somewhere less prominent and let’s reserve our high profile public spaces for memorials of figures that all Philadelphians can be proud of.”

I should quickly note, Joe’s not the first Philly street artist to call into question why we have a statue honoring the most divisive mayor in Philadelphia’s modern history across the street from Philadelphia’s City Hall, Ishknits did as well in 2012.

More photos below!


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