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Joe Boruchow’s Latest Ad Takeover Criticizes Wall Street’s Apparent Elation with President Trump

February 17, 2017


Titled Prosperity Theology, Philly-based paper cutout artist Joe Boruchow‘s latest piece of resistance art aims its judgement at Wall Street. As Joe wrote to me in a text about his newest piece, “The Stock market is hitting record highs while the U.S. descends!”

Joe’s installation is located (for now at least, these types of installations tend to be removed fairly quickly) overtop a bus shelter ad at 19th and Walnut streets in Rittenhouse by means of what’s generally called an “ad takeover.” Ad takeovers seek to retake the messages and art that’s displayed in the public space from commercial advertisers. While many artists have certainly been working against commercial advertisers in the public space for some time, the effort has been supercharged over the last couple of years thanks to an artist named Jordan Seiler who will create and ship bus shelter ad keys to anyone who asks for one, in nearly any major city in the world. In fact, there’s a great video about Jordan’s campaign on which you should absolutely watch.

These ad takeovers have been happening in Philly since at least October of 2015 by local artists such as NDA (NDA, in fact, has done these several times), as well as Kid Hazo during the DNC and, of course, Joe Boruchow.

In addition to this installation, Joe Boruchow has been creating, in my opinion, just some of the best anti-Trump/resistance art coming out of Philly, which you can see more of herehere, and here.


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